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With the REVIDERM SPA System we offer beauty farms and day-spas an established concept from medical active-agent cosmetics, in combination with the most modern cosmetic analysis and treatment methods and well-trained integrated wellness-treatments


Treatment System

Healthy skin is the source of long-lasting beauty. Inspired by the fascinating complexity of the skin, REVIDERM has combined innovations of active agent research with results of modern dermatology since 1986. The treatment system is based on the controlled, mechanical peeling - Microdermabrasion.

Treatment Methods

REVIDERM is a dermo-cosmetic treatment method, which achieves its success from the type, quality, concentration and combination of active agents. Just as important are the correct treatment procedures. REVIDERM takes its inspiration from the nature and physiology of the skin to imitate these natural procedures. 

All metabolic processes in the skin, as well as all interactivity between individual cells, skin layers, the skin and the environment follow exactly regulated and controlled natural mechanisms. Every process has a clearly defined purpose and is precisely controlled. All these mechanisms can be divided into individual logical steps and reconstructed. 

In the aging process, a few processes become less functional faster than others, so that these can no longer or only insufficiently take place. (For example: the supply of oxygen, nutrition of the cells, cell division). As a result many different problems can occur, which lead to well-known symptoms of old age. Therefore a good treatment procedure should not assess the symptoms for treatment (for example dry skin), but the causes (the basal membrane is no longer intact). 

REVIDERM succeeds in supporting and regenerating the individual functional component parts, even in a mature skin. The deciding factor for this success, besides the active agents, is the construction principle of the individual treatment steps, which ensures that the skin is considered in its entirety and that all important functions are supported. Therefore REVIDERM manages to develop general regeneration treatments as well as special treatments, which not only take care of the general condition of the skin, but also the special problem.


A professional peeling is an important precondition for effective skin rejuvenation. By means of a gentle abrasion of the dead skin cells, an effective nutrition of the deeper skin layers is guaranteed. Microdermabrasion by REVIDERM is the perfection of peelings - it is controlled and gentle, but primarily effective and suitable for every skin type. 

The skin is stimulated to produce more new cells. These gradually penetrate to the skin surface displacing old and damaged skin cells. Active agents subsequently applied to the skin are more effectively absorbed and their efficacy optimized.

REVIDERM Skintelligence

REVIDERM skintelligence is based on the most recent research results from state-of-the-art dermatology and cosmetology. In cooperation with international research groups, only select, tested active ingredients are integrated into innovative formulations. Constant quality controls for effectiveness and safety ensure the very best product quality. 

Each individual product has been specifically coordinated for the skin’s needs, in particular after microdermabrasion using the REVIDERM SkinPeeler. All dermo-cosmetic products from the REVIDERM system are free of ingredients that have the potential to cause allergies and irritating preservatives. 

It is not only the visible signs of skin aging that are effectively combated. The causes for the aging process are fought off at an early stage. A particular characteristic is the optimum concentration of active agents and the resulting significantly visible effect. High levels of compatibility, biological active ingredients and scientifically proven, deep penetration of the ingredients into the skin guarantee successful solutions.

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